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  • LESSON 1 (Group 1): TEST Personal requirements / human risk factor (1)
    30 Mar, 18:30
    zoom, Corneliusstrasse 14, 40215 Düsseldorf, Germany
    Driving instructor: Christian



To participate you need:

  • A PC or laptop with webcam and microphone (RECOMMENDED) or optionally a smartphone or tablet

  • You need your identity card for legitimation



Prepare yourself and look for the following:

  • Log in 10 minutes before the start of the class

  • Only log in to the lesson in which you are registered

  • Change your name before logging in, only last name and first name are accepted!

  • Make sure your webcam is working

  • Have your ID ready for the ID check


Your participation will be denied:

  • Failed badge identification

  • Participation without a webcam

  • Attending a lesson in which you have not previously been registered

  • no participation in the lessons of the prescribed lesson time

  • no active participation in the class

  • Unqualified, unrelated comments in the chat

  • Invalid participant name (only give name & first name!)


Registration for online theory lessons is only possible for members. 

All students of the Düsseldrive driving school can register here on the homepage. 

The registration request will be approved by us in the shortest possible time.

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