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The top 7 reasons for simulator training

Intensive practical preparation

You practise difficult situations on the simulator until you are comfortable with

them - without idle time due to detours, traffic jams etc.


Flexible and independent

Your driving instructor won't have time for a driving lesson for a few weeks?

Why not practise on the simulator until then.


Theory and practice optimally combined

Content is first discussed in theory lessons, then specifically practiced on the simulator

(e.g. giving way) and then applied in the practical lesson.


Safe practice

Nothing can happen to you or other road users on the simulator.


Part of the training concept

The perfect complement to lessons and real driving lessons - making your training even more efficient


Driving - but safely

You learn what to look out for in traffic and train your perception and attention.

Attractively priced

A simulator driving lesson is generally cheaper than a driving lesson in a real car. If you have already learned the basics on the simulator, you can use the real driving lessons for other things.

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