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Intensive courses

Do you want to go fast?


Discover the most effective and specially tailored intensive courses for your driving license at our driving school! Our targeted program offers you the perfect opportunity to get on the road safely in the shortest possible time. With experienced driving instructors, state-of-the-art technology and a tailor-made curriculum, we guarantee you optimal preparation. Take advantage of our intensive courses to get your driver's license efficiently and stress-free. Start your driving training today and reach your goal faster than ever before!


Intensive theory course


Experience compact and efficient theory training with our exclusive intensive theory course. In this special program, we focus on giving you a deep understanding of traffic rules and safety aspects in the shortest possible time. Our experienced instructors make the lessons particularly clear through concise explanations, interactive learning materials and practical examples. The intensive theory course allows you to prepare quickly and thoroughly for the theory driving test without compromising on quality. Start your journey to your driver's license with sound and time-optimized theoretical training!


Intensive practice course


Immerse yourself in a unique driving experience with our intensive practice course, which focuses exclusively on practical training. In this special program, we place particular emphasis on intensive driving lessons, realistic traffic situations and targeted exercises to optimize your driving skills in the shortest possible time. Our experienced driving instructors are on hand not only to prepare you for the practical driving test, but also to give you the confidence you need to drive safely on the road. Start your journey to a driving license with an intensive and practical course that offers you comprehensive driver training.

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